A Day with the P Family {Novi, MI}

One of the most enjoyable parts of doing what I do is being able to meet new people and new family’s. Another perk is being able to work with returning clients, especially ones where I have been able to see the children grow! This family is one I have known for years and I have taken pictures of their children in the past few years. It’s always a treat to re-visit with families and take more photos for them!

The parents in this family attended college with my sister and brother-in-law and were all in the same social circles. They are all still close friends to me,  my sister and brother-in-law. It’s sometimes hard to believe that I have known them since I was 15 years old! Many of my sister’s friends are like older siblings to me, and have always treated me like family. And so being able to watch them grow up, get married, and see their lives evolve is one of the coolest things to witness! I hope I can continue to help capture some of these sweet moments for them in the future.

Thanks to the P family for not only letting me take these adorable family photos for you, but for continuing to be an important part of my life!






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