Almost One! {Novi, MI}

This photo session with the D family is one that’s been a year in the making. When my coworker was pregnant, we had talked about doing maternity photos, but she had one of those pregnancies where she was sick for the majority of it so photos weren’t the top priority. Then when her baby girl was born, she was off for maternity leave and had family from India coming in and out of the country visiting, so it was hard to coordinate new born or even 3 month photos.

Then when her daughter was around 6 months old, she traveled to India to be with family there and we never really got around to photos. So when I found out her daughter was turning one soon, I asked if she still wanted photos and we jumped at the chance since we both miraculously had free weekends!

It was like it was meant to be ;)

Even though it took a while to get these photos done, they are some of my favorite. I know, I say that all the time, but I keep getting blown away by how cute my littlest clients are becoming. This little one is so cute and her mother dressed her like a doll. Reminded me of how my mom used to dress my sister and I for photos when we were younger! It was also a treat to photograph my coworker and mother-in-law, who were adorned in beautiful saris.

I am so glad we were able to finally do these photos!
Thank you so much to the D family for letting me capture these photos of your adorable little one.






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